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Gareth Collingwood has cycled independently and unsupported through every country in Latin America.

Over two decades of extensive cycling in Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean, he has crossed deserts, jungles, mountains, savannas, salt flats, littorals, shantytowns, and megacities, and has encountered every kind of animal, plant, and person.

He has worked as a Spanish and English teacher, translator, copy editor, personal trainer, and musician. To fund his tours he has also worked as a landscaper, tree planter, high-rise window washer, furnace cleaner, bicycle salesman, and almost every other lackey job imaginable.

His education includes degrees in Spanish and Latin American studies and linguistics. He has also studied communications and graphic design and holds certifications in translation and personal training.

His “real” education, however, comes from his years of travel, where he “learns more in one week than in an entire semester at university.”

When not travelling, you’ll find him cooking, drawing, photographing, reading, playing music, biking, hiking, or planning ‘that next big tour.’

Gareth Collingwood is currently travelling by bicycle in Latin America.


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