Environment, Landscapes

Andean: andino -na


bay: bahía f

beach: playa f


canyon: cañón m

cape: cabo m

cave: cueva f

city: ciudad f

cliff: acantilado m

coast: costa f; litoral m

coastline, littoral: litoral m

country, countryside: campo m

crag: peñón m; pe­ñasco m

current (river, sea): corriente f


desert: desierto m


earth: tierra f


forest: bosque m


glacier: glaciar m

gorge: garganta f; desfiladero m

grass: pasto m; zacate m (Mex)

grove: monte m


high plain, high plateau: altiplano m

hill: colina f; cerro m

horizon: horizonte m


island: isla f

isthmus: istmo m


jungle: selva f; jungla f


lake: lago m

landscape: paisaje m


mountain: montaña f

mountain pass: paso m; collado m

mountain range: cordillera f; sierra f

mountainous: montañoso -sa


national park: parque m nacional

nature: naturaleza f


ocean: océano m

outskirts (city): afueras fpl; alrededores mpl


park: parque m

peak: pico m

peninsula: península f


rainforest: selva f

ravine: barranco m

river: río m

rock: roca f

rocky: rocoso -sa


salt flat: salar m

sand: arena f

sea: mar m

shore: orilla f

stone: piedra f

strait: estrecho m


tide: marea f

tree: árbol m


urban: urbano -na


valley: valle m

view: vista f

volcano: volcán m


wave: ola f



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