Drinks And Drinking

alcohol: alcohol m

alcoholic drinks: bebidas fpl alcohólicas; copa f


beer: cerveza f


coffee: café m  (see the complete coffee list under Coffee and Variations)


drink n: bebida f

drink v: tomar, beber

drinking water: agua m potable

drunk: borracho -cha


hot chocolate: chocolate m


juice: jugo m


lemonade: limonada f


milk: leche f

milkshake: batido m

mineral water: agua m mineral


orange juice: jugo m de naranja


soda, pop, carbonated drink: gaseosa f; refresco m


spill: derramar



thirst: sed f

thirsty: tener sed; sediento


water: agua m

water, drinking: agua m potable

wine: vino m

wine, red: vino m tinto

wine, white: vino m blanco



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