Coffee And Variations

café: coffee

café con leche: literally, coffee with milk, but more accurately, a cup of hot milk with a shot of coffee poured into it

cargado: strong

cerrero: large strong black coffee (Col)

cortado: an espresso ‘cut’ with a small amount of hot or steamed milk added after; popular in Argentina


descafeinado: decaffeinated

doble carga: two shots


exprés, expreso: espresso


fuerte: strong


guayoyo: a kind of watered-down coffee (Ven)


instantáneo: instant coffee

irlandés: Irish coffee


marrón: a mid-strength Venezuelan coffee

molido: ground coffee


negro: espresso (AmL); black, no milk


puro: black, no milk (Chi)


solo: black, no milk


tetero: very milky coffee in Venezuela

tinto: black, no milk (Col)



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