Currency By Country

Argentina: peso (peso argentino, ARS)


Belize: dollar (Belize Dollar, BZD)


Bolivia: boliviano (boliviano, BOB)


Brazil: real (real brasileiro, BRL)


Chile: peso (peso chileno, CLP)


Colombia: peso (peso colombiano, COP)


Costa Rica: colón (coloón costarricense, CRC)


Cuba: peso cubano, (aka moneda nacional, CUP); peso convertible (aka divisa, CUP)


Dominican Republic: peso (peso dominicano, DOP)


Ecuador: dólar (dólar americano, USD)


El Salvador: dólar (dólar americano, USD)


Guatemala: quetzal (quetzal guatemalteco, GTQ)


Honduras: lempira (lempira hondureña, HNL)


Mexico: peso (peso mexicano, MXN)


Nicaragua: córdoba (córdoba nicaragüense, NIO)


Panama: dólar (dólar americano, aka balboa, USD)


Paraguay: guaraní (guaraní paraguayo, PYG)


Peru: nuevo sol (nuevo sol peruano, PEN)


Uruguay: peso (peso uruguayo, UYU)


Venezuela: bolívar (bolívar fuerte venezolano, VEF)



2 Responses to “Currency By Country”
  1. Kate Tierney says:


    I was just wondering how you carried your money.
    How much you did you carry, what type and did you use ATMs?

    • El Pedalero says:

      Hi Kate!

      Sorry about the delayed response to your excellent question. This deserves a full article at some point, but it’s a tricky one because the money situation keeps changing (often for the best) and there is a lot of variety between all the countries as to how to best handle the situation.

      I usually end up carrying more than I want to, that’s for sure. I’d love it if there were an ATM that accepted my card, and had a low fee, and existed in every town and village, etc. But, realistically, they’re few and far between, there’s often a hassle getting money, and they sometimes charge a lot each time I withdraw.

      So, I carry up to $1000 US in some places, which makes me nervous, of course, but I have no choice. I always stash the cash in different locations throughout my bike and gear and remain vigilant. It’s not a perfect system, I’ll admit, but it’s always worked for me and I’ve never had an incident.

      Talk to your bank about your plans and make sure your credit card company understands you’ll be travelling in various countries; sometimes, they put locks and holds on cards for security reasons and it can be tricky getting your cash.

      Hope that helps.


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