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Adventure Cyclists . . .

BikeHikeSafari is the site of Brad McCartney, an adventurer after my own heart. His passion for spontaneous, human-powered adventure is palpable in every word and photo. It’s a hero’s journey through “the most amazing places on the planet” and we’re all invited along for the ride!

Heinz Stücke has spent his entire adult life cycling around the world (half a century and counting). I first became aware of his exploits when I found a crumpled, photocopied version of one of his little booklets on my first big tour, long before the internet and touring blogs. His bicycle touring achievements may never be surpassed.

The Travelling Two is full of information and inspiration. Created by Friedel an Andrew, “two Canadians who love travelling by bicycle,” the Travelling Two is a great starting point for anyone feeling the call of road!

Big Sur is the site of Sarah and James, a couple of adventure cyclists from the UK touring the Latin America the “right” way – that is, taking it slow, one pedal stroke at a time, and really getting to know this continent. Beautiful photos, well-written, and inspiring without being show-offy. Plus, it’s a great name for a Latin America bike touring blog!

Knowledge . . .

The Ethnologue is a fascinating site for anyone interested in world languages. For those who think it’s “all just Spanish down there,” I invite you to peruse the multitude of living languages in Latin America.

If It Were My Home is a very addictive site. It tells you how much better or worse of you’d be if you lived in another country. Or you can just compare any two countries. It’s amazing to see how divided and unequal this planet is.

News In Slow Spanish is a excellent tool for travellers trying to improve their Spanish before that next big trip. As the name suggests, it’s a news program spoken in a slow, carefully-pronounced Spanish so that learners can train their ear. The program hosts speak in slow “Spain” Spanish, but it’s still good prep for travel anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world.

The Latin American Travel Association is a good place to start looking for that next destination.



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