Atlantic Ocean: océano m Atlántico


boat (small): bote m; lancha f

boat (mid-sized): barca f

boat (ship, large vessel): barco m; navío m; nave m


canoe: canoa f; piragua f

captain: capitán -tana m/f


ferry: transbordador m; buque m


kayak: kayak m


maritime: marítimo -ma

motorboat, launch: lancha f


ocean: océano m


Pacific Ocean: océano m Pacífico

port: puerto m

port (left side of boat): babor m


raft: balsa f

row: remar

rowboat: bote m a remos/de remos; chinchorro m


sailor: marinero -ra

sea: mar m

ship: barco m; navío m; nave m

starboard: estribor m


yacht: yate m; velero m



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