Money And Paying

ATM: cajero m automático


bank: banco m

bill (note): billete m

bill (to be paid): cuenta f

bargain n: ganga f; pichincha f (RPl)

bargain v: regatear


calculate: calcular

cash: efectivo m

cent: centavo m

change: cambio m; vuelta f

charge v: cobrar

cheque: cheque m

credit card: tarjeta f de crédito

coin: moneda f

cost v: costar

cheap: barato -ta; económico -ca


debit card: tarjeta f de débito

debt: deuda f


economic: económico -ca

expensive: caro -ra


invoice: factura f


lend: prestar

loan n: préstamo m


money: dinero m; plata f


pay: pagar


save (money): ahorrar

settle (the bill): cancelar (Bol); saldar


tax: impuesto

teller: cajero -ra

traveller’s cheque: cheque m de viajero


value: valor


withdraw: sacar; retirar



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